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As I sit at home, with this really nice dog, away from the hubbub I sit still appreciating the semester–especially the outlet I had in this last project–Hollywood Library.

Pheobe Goes to the Library


I’m about to go on a run with this dog…well more of a fast walk, talk to Ginger about her life and thoughts on misandry…you know.  BUT BUT I want to write this before I leave it on the court, so to speak.


“What makes mine video unfamiliar?  What unifies it?”

“The way you shoot the familiar must be unusual, especially to you.”

“Phoebe’s head–something terrible happened–I imagined being inside Phoebe’s brain all the time.” –Rose

That was nice to hear because I tried to sit down at the computer and work on the video when I was rested, tranquil but…as maybe the video is evidence…that is not who I am consistently.  Phoebe–where you at?


“narrowed viewpoint–You have a clear vision, it is not made clear to the audience,” then Gala looked back, “it’s successful–Phoebe, it’s a compliment.”  Sometimes Imma little dense, but this compliment was sincere and came from Gala so I wanted to mention it.  The success of a “narrowed viewpoint” is easily mistaken for the failure of a too obtuse concept or idea.


Your video‘s unifying feature is it’s rich texture, the fabric, layer disparate parts angling tone.  Texture!  circle-circle-circle-circle-circle”

my response:      🙂


“There’s a lot of chaos–it resolves into–comes to resolve.  It ends on a narrowing strip as resolving.” 


Here’s how I’m thinking–underly of a storytelling narrative–but couldn’t tell you what happened.  It’s like writing an essay but less linear, as I have found out through many, many failed attempts at the brainstorm-freewrite-outline-write-edit linear paper writing mantra.   


Also, someone (I think Cee Cee….AGAIN WITH THE BRILLIANCE, CEE CEE!) said lightbulb as symbolic as hurried, last minute inspiration–tragic in its timing.   How brilliant of that person to put words to that aspect of the video and real life experience!


This class has been a comfort and a sizzle.


Off to talk with this dog about calendars and misguided Pedigree poodles–WHEN WILL THEY BEHAVE?!




I resonated the most with Cee Cee’s piece “Kitchen”.  Unified by actions, by process not product, it captivated my propensity for lulling and lolling in the kitchen absentmindedly.  YET for all that lulling there are actions, large or small, quick and obtuse, the actions are there, indisputable evidence that the kitchen is a place of action rather than passivity.  Go Cee Cee!


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