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unifies:  hands moving


it wants some sort of resolution.  I want a story.


starting literally: this is me writing a story on my computer


then shit starts to happen we don’t even know what’s happening: trusting process, can’t define the process; that’s why it’s abstract, I don’t want to define it (the work);  it’s not formula


end.  it’s abstracted.  but resolved.  it’s something.  (it could be the gritty stuff- – – probably not back to the hands/definitely not back to the hands)….could be inspection of the hand/ can’t identify my hand as my hand.


we’re resewing it/ re-see-ing it


I need to work on transitions.  As usual!


This is working so closely with my senior seminar and what I’m thinking with it.  Wow.  because I am wondering the position of the monologues and the content in them and thus and what so ever.  You know?




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