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Nell is sick.  😦 

But she put up all the posters we’ve done so far around the room.  I am surrounded by creativity; inked and printed proof.


Last week Nell suggested I take moments of the keyboarding to either highlight or only have one clip showing rather than simultaneously two going in order to tell more of a punctuated, controlled story with the chaotic aesthetic.  



The light from the lightbulb, how appropriate for linear meaning of idea, inspiration, etc and the overlay is important because otherwise it is tedious to watch the exploration of the lightbulb (i was about to write “incandescent” but are they- – are these new fangled light-em-ups plain candescent?)




I tried to get fancy with the spinning light that is covered in pox.  Alas, my hand is unsteady as it spins and it’s unsettling and not in a “I LOVE SCARING PEOPLE WITH ART” way.  I may use a still of it at one point.  That’s an idea!




I learned how to take the audio out!  This is great news because the crunching of the dirty cushion of hair, nuts and other debris was so gross.  That gets me thinking about audio.  “How do you solve a problem like, Au-dio?  How do you choose the right sound for your-film?”




evidence of that earlier idea.  eeeeeee.  



There’s this shot of a computer turning on and I like the way it looks, maybe as transition.  I was playing with having the bright white of the process go first or rewind it so all you can see is blue or have it rewind and begin again….playing like a player.




Also, I’m in an improv show tonight.  The Earl in east atlanta.  9pm.   it’s gonnna be a blast.



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