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Today was a playing day.  I realized I have a lot more footage than I need.  Simultaneously, I want to shoot other shots of the library, possibly.  




most successful moment:  overlay of typing hands with the vent, tv monitors, and couch cushions dirt.  I want to cut out the face and desk because that is distracting.  I’m not sure what decision to make because I haven’t set my mission statement for the project yet. I guess the story is that the library is dirty and busy and there are spaces going on while we’re sitting and typing.  The clips of the hands typing is reversed to cover more spans of time.  




interspersing the lights with other footage just to get the other footage on the playing field.  My inclination is to keep like shots with like shots but maybe that is advantageous to creation.  Uhhh.



light. light. light. light. light.




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