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“driving in hybridity”


Although, I did not have my zip drive today but I did have screen shots from the last time I worked on these layers.  Unfortunately, the vertical “strange world” came out unfinished instead of the one with upside down gas station.  So that’s embarrassing.  


“play is essential”


nell is speaking about man’s existence.  



  1. Pho-bee. Your concept is strong, I wish it was more visually apparent in your work. Given more time, I think you’d easily find a solution to communicating your ideas in a sophisticated and clever way.

    You consistently create work that is distinct, and I admire your ability to be blatant in the digitial process aspect of this work (as in, the above looks photoshopped) while still maintaining an intelligence and intentionality.

  2. I can’t help being drawn into the images. The image in the left reflects the design phrase “driving” very we’ll, although I hoped some kind of complexity in it. Perhaps heavier colors from some of the element on the right would help.

    I love the second image, it has a interesting variation in texture, structure and shapes. The composition of the image also creat the depth of the space. The word “hybridity” is well- defined here.

  3. I love that the form in the car is almost, but not quite, human-shaped. There’s a space that the driver inhabits that is distinct from the rest of the world they exist in, and it overflows past the human shape. The colors suggest something not quite of that space, too, though there’s clearly a relationship between the figure and the space. The sharpness of the lines and shapes in that image juxtaposed with the blurring in the background suggests some fragmentation in the way that this entity inhabits this world. I’d like to see how you wind up playing with this in your final image.

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