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Today my agenda includes finding pictures of myself, my face, to use for the map.  I am going to use the ones I have taken last wednesday and throughout the year on the mac and the professional camera Nell allowed us to use.  I like the idea to use low-rez photos on the mac computer because then it’s like google earth.



“have a whole mess of images that you’ve taken- – to choose from and to then use- – “



Is this too simplistic?  

“You’re building the space as here “

“Body as architecture.”



Nell says, “for this project, use only pictures you take.”  so the gonorrhea idea is out of the drawing.  I don’t really want to stray from this original idea.  It’s uncomfortable and I don’t know what it is going to look like…which is the purpose of this class.




this is a cool leg that came out of a lasso delete.



My charge before next class is to take 50 pictures of different parts of my body in order to create this piece.  uhhh.


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