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1.  Design Phrase apparent in elements & principles?  If so, how?  (visual messaging)

2.  Design Phrase apparent in literal messaging?  If so, how?  (reading)


  • servicing the design “get rid of LIKE or DISLIKE”
  • composing from a design phrase/thesis


  • white space around the text works as breathe for the message
  • “breaking rules means you have to have rules” – Ruby Nell
  • “if you want us to look at it has to have structure” -Dr. Nell
  • the role that font plays- -painting with fonts- -I never realized the kind of intention went into the fonts I chose.  One of the main criticisms of my work was that the literal meaning of the text overshadowed that of the composition of the letterform.  I’m working on divorcing myself.
  • the scale of these letterforms draws attention immediately


SEDUCTION [come hither:  gorgeous]

DEPTH  [once you got me here, give me somewhere to go.  you want to grow to place impossible alone]

RESONANCE [most difficult one; authentic & meaningful: even after the initial meetings it’ll stay with the person;  a part will always be a part of the other]

[two compositions walk into a bar…]

1.  what organizes the page?

2.  focal point–how navigate page?


  • A LOT OF SPACE (as I mentioned earlier and brought up in our group discussion) around everything giving space, enough room to walk around, it invites the viewer in.    There’s time.  Tension between message and design- – works for CONNECTIONS.
  • composition:  “u & r” windows- the spacing is successful
  • replacing letters:  design & principle (literal) & historical cohere- – connections with viewer “FU”  “U SUCK” – – immediately implicates the viewer
  • There’s importance in the text- -mostly connected to the literal text, the words written
  • transition between seduction & relationship is instant

let’s end on some quote notes:

“people relying on personal aesthetics are closed to serving the work for what the design needs,”

“the striving in art is to divorce self from literal, taught meanings, textual meanings”


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