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Truth:  I am behind.  I’ve had this book (Mysteries of the Alphabet*) for a couple weeks and only now really delving.  I plan on spending the time now and tomorrow to ameliorate my absence. (HOPEFULLY)


*Ouaknin, Marc-Alain.  Mysteries of the Alphabet: the origins of writing.  Trans.  Josephine Bacon.  New York:  Abbebille Press Publishers, 1999.  167-175.  Print.

“It is used to join two parties and keep them together.”

“ORIGINAL MEANINGS:  hook, oar, nail, attachment, suspension”

“DERIVATIVE MEANINGS:  coordination, junction, meeting-point, the phallus, channel, pipe, column,  finger.  not so common: visible, voice, view, illuminate, truth, shine”


For a very long time, U and V were allographs. What’s an allograph? An allograph is a variation of a letter in another context.


close (high height) back rounded vowel

on the board: 9/25

on the board: 9/25


*no more connection to god

*connections change in context

*overall compositions of same spacing – – losing the tail- –

*suspension of disbelief

*the u was never itself or didn’t have it’s own space until it shed the tail, and it wasn’t even accepted until someone had to uniform language.  in that way the U was not allowed to be equal without the uniforming of printing.

*the U links, marries.  the U was allowed space by the institutionalization of script (the printing press) and therefore


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