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  • flamingo:  i can only stand on one foot; “i am a flamingo, I am a flamingo”
  • interview Naomi:   boo-boo, women are smarter (using govt funds to research it), people taking iron out of the earth and arn’t putting anything back, i am sensitive-all women are-to the earth and it’s changes, don’t get me wrong there are some dumb women, you know what I mean?, did you know that, i wish i could scavenge,  i was a farm kid- now i eat food from store i am sick now- – all meat is a year old or older and monsanto is destroying us, putting our bodies back in the ground with boxes around it, jewish people don’t let anything done to their body but they’re still in boxes, don’t put me in a box, let the ground be nurished by me- don’t take out my fluids. earthquakes aren’t natural- – they’re man-made.  there will be a sink hole- – can you believe that man’s entire house fell into a sinkhole?, 
  • over-taxed taxi:  [555 on his keys] lease for taxi goes up 4x, brother died after 14 years of rehabbed (400 ppl at funeral), gas goes up- – i used to drive in the 70’s, 80’s., my brother talks only when he wants to talk, i have to get a suit-shoes-and time off to get another job.  knee is shattered so he can’t do anything else but drive.  2 months of hell inside his house after surgery (i wish they’d just left that torn ligament alone…and just fixed the meniscus)  
  • college entrance essay:  making up stories of interesting things that would get me into colleges
  • also….virginity…like….what the fuck is that and:  ideas are like, loss of innocence, what is scary about your body, where is the fear, virginity.


I went into Dudley’s green room office to talk with him about my play- not about my writing because I didn’t turn in anything- but just to talk because I didn’t know where else to go because I can’t just go where-ever I want.  and i just burst into tears at the slightest, “are you sad?” fuck it.  I am complaining about not being able to do all that I want because [my ankle] fucking hurts.  I cried because I just can’t do what I want to do.  I don’t like not being prepared for class, meetings, research, etc.  I don’t like it but it’s happening because I’m out of my mind.  Also, I am wearing a crown and crying in a dark media room on a rainy day.  I want to go home.


Sunday: revise/write characters (make sure 15 minutes)  sprained my ankle

Monday: (turn in 2 characters) didn’t turn in anything,  Reese Benesch died- “life is fragile”

Tuesday: brainstorm  cab ride from Naomi & the NewYork gangster, talked with woman in the waiting room about painting shoes, listen to IS tape, listen to TAL: Break-Up

Wednesday: (discuss characters with Dudley)  brainstorm  turned in final proposal (so late), breakdown

Thursday: typing 

  • interview I.S.

Friday: (meet with Andrea Miller Bruce)  research

Saturday:  (improvise with MARK)  





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