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What is VECTOR v. RASTOR?  Why is that important?  What can I do with y’all ado-bros?  Where can we go before needing to  CTRL+esc?  Let’s process:



  • YO IF YOU NEED:  flowy, nuanced, gradiaur (?), picture images editing, pixel based
  • THEN YOU WANT:  Photoshop or somethin’ else



  • YO IF YOU NEED:  efficiency, less space taken, infinitely scaleable, clear/distinct lines, textual-fonty
  • THEN YOU WANT:  Adobe Illustrator 6


Though my computer didn’t have the Ai6 the good doctor, Nell Ruby, allowed me to play & explore with the program on hers.  I do not have photos/screenshots but here is what I remember of ‘splorin:

  • writing text in the area:  this got me stuck for a good three minutes until I listened to the warning box and got an area path-ed
  • LAYERS:  naming, saving, and making them work
  • this one grid key that is terrifying and never leaves
  • Making FONT into shapes using OUTLINE drop-down option and using the white-arrow to move the points around to make it not look like the letter it came from.  Haven’t learned how to get writing within a FONT LETTER shape once outlined. (that’s a TO-DO)
  • text on a slope
  • I still haven’t figured out how to use that GRADIENT tool for color.
  • Nell showed us but I was lost on how to fill a letter with an image. 


The possibilities I see with this tool are mostly to do with announcements or communicating something clearly and with little room for interpretation.  I’ll probably change my opinion later on.






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