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Today I foraged and found lots of objects to make into puppets.


The pill people are going to be melted by either fatigue or acid rain.

I want the performance space to be like a t.v. frame- – or just picture frame with a draw curtain:  Liar’s-*sweet stencil of liar*-Lair in red ink on the canvas.

The eeames circus stop-motion animation and also the elaborate installation of Reverend Howard Finster is what I am aiming for for one of the sets- – not sure which one.  Will require lots of minuscule movements and attention to detail and bedazzling.

What I’m having trouble with is making the hardest puppet- – the [Angus Cincinnati] marionette or rod puppet- – based on a rhinoceros this is one of the structurally more difficult character-puppets to develop and make and maneuver.  Whoo!

Have to scrap off the shards of glass and the spider egg nests from the television set- – what a life.


Excited for moving on…and actually putting material in real-life- – whooooo!


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