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There is a lot to do.  I am excited and nervous and scared and unsure what all goes into creating and performing a puppet show about lying.  I guess I’ll figure it out.

Right Now What I Need:

*Puppet Theater:  The actual construction and presentation of the frame, including the television set, must be able to be read as a puppet theater, a space for performance.  This will require intentional design and decoration including painting and curtains and other necessities of a stage.

-Paint or stain theater to match or blend into the television.

-iron and hem canvas

-install hooks on either end of the canvas for curtains

*Write a Statement about the Piece for the performance

-found objects for puppets

*Puppets:  completed and each having known and intentional purpose in the performance.

-Goal: 8 puppets

-paper mache faces

-army men and women

-wire horses (a few more)

-pill people

-rehearsing with the puppets’ movements and abilities

*Script written:  10-20 minutes of performance.  possibility of a Harold format.

*Throughout this process I will interview people and talk about lying.

-what do you do when you lie on purpose?

-when do you lie about other people?

-when and with who do you lie?

-what do you think about people who are liars?

-when do you tell the truth no matter what?

To Did Google:

*Spalding Gray:  Monster in a Box – – checking it out from the library A.S.A.P.

*My Dinner with Andre is a movie I need to watch.  It is not on netflix so maybe I will have to wait until summer- – or the weekend.

*For Wednesday:

-talk to three people older than me about lying:  grandma Noanie, Dad, mom.   Other people I trust to talk to:  Dr. Dermont, Dr. Hite, Aunt Priscilla.

-List of stuff to get at Home Depot & Michaels

-3 sets of 5 minutes scenes with characters on a monologue or interview about lying

-research paper mache how-to & get 3 people to participate


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