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Titles I especially like *

Fear and Frothing

Ph-ear of Ph-eeling*

Feeling with Phoebe

Lies My Phoebe Told Me

Lye With Phoebe*

Lie With Phoebe*

Lie With Me*

Fearing the Lies I Feared Would Lie

Apples and Struddle

Crowded and Wading*


Laying with Phoebe

Phoebe Lies

Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar

Buffer Zone

Inanimate Lies

To be a Clown

Lies with a Clown

Clown Lies


A Harold:  takes place in each of the three of the units of the theater.

::Possible Workshop Process-Formats::

WORKSHOP I:  Have my friends and people I know to write lies I’ve told them, what they believe is true about me, about the world, truths in our relationship, in their relationships, what is true about them.  Put these in a hat and pull out one per workshop or use only one and use it till it comes back around.

WORKSHOP II:  Watching the video tape from Play @ The Lodge and take from that ideas about being honest, sincere and the intentions behind actions/believes/words.  Using video tape and recordings.

WORKSHOP III:  Time limit of 15 minutes to delve into story or idea or both.  After 15 minutes decide to either abandon idea or continue working it. So on, until there are a few stories to tell.  Collect these 15 minutes stories about Lies, lying and being honest to have a repertoire to choose from during the show for the class.  A 15 minute Harold.  That’s fine.


-construct three puppets

-script or outline of script

-painted puppet theater with curtains

-back-grounds and sets


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