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Sculpture I viewed a set up designed by N. Ruby.

1. note by looking

2. note by lived experience (esp. expectations of the form/subject)

3. extract meaning. analyze.

“Make an exhaustive scientific list of observations from the sculpture before you” -N.Ruby

  • (1)space:  in terms of the entire room the sculptured arrangement takes up minimal space.  Yet when taking in the whole composition (bright, tripod light included) the light creates a space, it’s own space, for the piece to reside and absorb.
  • (*)the lighting is a mixture of the overcast, dull light coming in from the wall of windows to the far left of the room, opposite the piece, and the coat of light that comes from the tripod of bright light which creates complexity in color, texture and balance.
  • there are cardboard boxes of different shapes and colors.  Notably, there are two kinds of boxes which there are multiples.  the base boxes are larger and the tops, that I can see, are jagged.  The tops, which are jagged, were engineered to close easily.  they were meant to be closed and keep [____] in but, in this piece, are left ajar.
  • stray shapes in the background that are hit by the light and therefore included in the composition.  the contrast between being defined and being left in the shadows.
  • plastic wraps around one of the boxes- – like people pull down jeans when going to the bathroom.  the plastic once surrounded the entire box but now is pulled down, unneeded but not entirely useless.
  • bits of leaves, paper, and dirt surround the base cardboard.
  • there is a lamp on a tripod which stands adjacent to the sculpture.
  • the lines are uniform in their raggedness (atop and to the left) but become more uniform and maintained like a spectrum up through the piece.
  • Throughout the piece, draped on the rear end of a card board box and between, is wire with systematic/patterned holes in it.  like glorified chicken-wire
  • there are two boxes in the background, out of the actual scope of the sculpture//one is propped up (this is attempted in my sketch)
  • continuity:  the same materials (cardboard is a wide range of brown/grey scale) but from different places; draped with metal throughout
  • straight v. curved


  • there is a combined void which illustrates or shows the confined and defined. $ Ellie
  • (or the defined combined confined.)
  • together vs. alone.  The majority of the cardboard boxes are grouped together while there are outliers. $Victoria
  • (1*)psychic space: contour of the lines, the implied lines created by the drama of the bright light. $ N. Ruby
  • there are multiple planes; variation of planes; psychic planes
  • the Quality of materials and where they come from having everything to do with this piece.
  • “manufactured materials making organic shapes.” $Erica
  • “boxes are solid from Left and to Right the boxes are deteriorating.” $Victoria
  • used/new, disorder/order
  • brightest bright & tallest tall —-> more ragged small, alone.  $N.Ruby
  • There is unity in the repetition of the boxes’ size and shape.  Contrast between metal and cardboard.  Color of the sepia day.  Balance in the [fueal pou].
  • “There is person throwing away or recycling on the boxes.  This promotes environmentalism/conservation of resources (maybe) yet the practice by which the products are made are by no means sustainable.  Think about that.”  $N.Ruby


The psychic space this piece absorbs in the basement studio is (much, much) more than its physical space would suggest.  Often the products in our lives take up more physic space than physical space.  By that I mean that, alone, each part of the structure is useful but, in the larger scheme, insignificant until it is place among many products.  While not all materials of the products are man-made, the cardboard boxes and metal are man-made for purposes other than art. the importance of sticking together or being alone as consumers.  The boxes may have been intended to hold multiples of whatever product in which case the boxes served a multiple of people, of consumers.  If the boxes held multiple objects for, say, a lone professor’s use then the consumer is alone.  That the lids/tops of the cardboard are all open suggests a transparency.  A transparency, not of the material, but of the way collection of stuff happens, the concept of having a lot of stuff.

(often during conversation Professor Ruby drops knowledge.  From this point forward whenever Professor Ruby does this I will note the piece of knowledge dropped with quotations for the words and parentheses for the meaning.)


“we have two eyes.  [we have to use them].”

“successful sculpture is interesting from every angle.”


“your only job is to make a work that is aesthetically interesting.  are must be interesting aesthetically or the materials don’t matter.”

“don’t let your message get in the way.  work should ask the question not answer it.”


  • Looking
  • Thinking
  • Researching

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