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I did not work over the weekend.  Although I thought working in a larger scope would be easier to grasp- it is not.  It makes me anxious just thinking about sitting down in the chair.  Or at least that’s how I saw it when I had 2 analsyis papers, a response paper, and 2 research papers to write.

I chose to complete all those assignments over the weekend so that this week could be devoted to the mission of finding TRUTH in every linear shape and crease of my face and show that using kneaded eraser.

starting from here


Nostril trouble.  I have yet again fallen into the trap of symbolizing what I think instead of what expressing what I see.


Everything is wrong.  The measurements I took are of two different shades…which is bad.  I see a shape that I will attempt to conquer next.

3:10-3: 40 & 3:50-4:40

I need to start making progress.  I’m so slow.  So. painfully. slow.  It’s my own fault- – which makes it that much worse.  Hopefully, someday, I will take the time to be slow instead of forcing myself to be speed-cat when that is not my style.

By finding the shapes that cross across other already made shapes it makes it possible to make unit measurements and angles as a comparison.  Nell came by the stand and we talked about my nose having angled instead of curved nostrils.  I also found that I was not locking my elbows when measuring- – thus my frustration.  The decision has been made:  I am nothing but a nose.  That is my goal- to finish the nose and make it as absolutely finished and detailed as I can instead of manically attempting to make 2 other half-assed attempts at the other parts of my face.  I’ll leave the rest for summer.


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  1. Phoebe!! You are too funny and I have enjoyed having a class with you. You bring such great energy to the classroom. I loved your nose self-portrait!! It was so different from everyone’s but I’m so glad you were bold enough to stick with it because I thought it was amazing. And seriously, I thought you did a fabulous job in technically rendering it because it looked just like your nose!! Best of luck to you in the future! Peace love, Polly

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