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-I was 50 minutes late today.  It’s one of those days.

-A friend of mine in high school taught me a valuable lesson in perspective:  before he does anything at all unpleasant, boring, difficult, etc.  he will say, ” This is going to last 2 hours.  I can do anything for 2 hours.”   Even though it is this project is difficult I can do anything for a half hour, 2 hours, whatever time.


Getting the value around the bottom triangle (nostril) is difficult because of the various shades which are seemingly all the same until proven otherwise.

This complexity is just the thing I was looking for to get me going: this is a problem I am willing to spend time to solve.

An Impromptu Lively Discussion:


skin tone:  developing own technique

the varying shades in pigment in only a small area is so interesting.  I’d never seen that before.  @Lathasia

Scale:  some included necks and others (me) focused on one aspect of the face.


@Kelly  ” I have lines…I mean, linear shapes and craters on my face.  how do I get all of that included?”

@Nell ” all there is to it is LOOKING, EXPRESSING & TIME.”

@Bethany “this drawing captures the composition of an idea rather than just a form.”

@Nell “a drawing is made from marks.  viewing a drawing is such a different experience from viewing a snapshot. not better…just different.”

@Nell “you define the physical heirarchy- – what is most prominent on your face?”

@Cee cee  “we’re all beautiful.  I don’t want people to get hung up on what they look like.”

When I stop idealizing and categorizing my face it becomes meaningful…like I get something out of looking at my actual face.  I am totally obsessed with the extreme slant of my left nostril and the dent above my eye because that is what will make this drawing a true “map of my experience.”

If someone were to compare my portrait to the work of other’s in our class it would seem as if I am far behind- a slacker.  What that someone doesn’t know is that I enjoy being the slowest- – I have always enjoyed taking my time, stewing over a problem or situation and slowly chipping away until I hit a point of inspiration…or I stop what I’m doing and realize I’m just not that into it.  My aim is to set my own pace and be o.k. with that.


Again, these are intricate shapes and shadowing.  On the cusp of the nostril it is especially complex with getting the shades of like-shapes to be consistent.


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