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8:30-8:46 Wednesday stared at my portrait:  The lightest-light places and the surrounding colors blend together.  Most of the time because my pores create extra dimension within’ the shading- – The Perrys are known for our large pores.

I have two things to accomplish/think about for today: 1.  if I continue with this large of a scale it will take a lot of time- – a considerable amount of time and 2. I should focus on finishing the bottom half of the nose.

Nell had us stand away from our portraits and talk to each other- – daring.   The hardest thing I have having trouble with is measuring- – even the straight edge is seemingly inaccurate.

Side note:  Only in Georgia can it be raining like cats and dogs while the sun is out.  M-m

Asked Polly how she was getting her lightest light so…light.  She said she goes in with a piece of paper and erases on the edge on the large sheet so that there is enough tension for a high quality rub. – – thanks


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