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is fabulous. and into performance art. and large moving Adirondack chairs.


1.  Views drawing as a dialogue and the eye as a muscle to be trained.

2.  Wanted people to experience sculpture right inside it- – so they have no frame of reference, no touchstone.  He is dealing with a large scope.


1.  She uses a “magpie esthetic”: using whatever she finds as inspiration and subject for her photography.

2.  This is her prayer:  Don’t fuck up but…mess up a little to be interesting.


MK 1.  Margaret finds beauty where people’s hands have been.

2.  “My hand will always be imperfect,” there is a certain joy and relief in that.

BM 1.  “being a working artist is pure & tainted,”

2.  “I wanted to know everything.  Art School Jock.  No way I was going to be lousy at it.”  If you want something- – if you have it in your head- – even if people oppose you – – being an individual means going all out and then deciding whether it worked for you or not.


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