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the assignment: to imbue formal qualities on words so it has a message.

Nell Ruby being supportive during critique.


-What is the point of focus.

-replicate: what is contrasted

-what works– literal & formal values in abstract form

Creative process:

-the idea in my head is the THEORY I start with and change/mold/shape when working with the materials.  “Whatever comes up, comes up.”

-Dialogue between you and the materials

Boisterous & Restrained


-include all of piano- – no photoshop because it feels deceptive.


-went to kinkos and was frustrated with 1. the sassy lady at the counter who bombarded me when I entered the door 2. the price of prints …

-then I went to my aunts house and used her photo-paper printer…and it was too big.  But she needed to get on the computer and I was exhausted and over it.

-But I did take the comment to heart and attempted to make the change to the piece…but I just didn’t.


One Comment

  1. re “the rest of teh piano”. Thanks for commenting on the way you would have fixed it if you’d gotten around to it. As a teacher I know you get my point by the results of your visual work, but the blog is another form of visual evidence, and I like it when the point is taken (feels less like wasted breath and brain waves)

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