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This is free-writing I did to find out what I thought about Honorous Collapsicus:

The protruding wires are left bare by the protective yarn covering.  “it is proximity not closeness that is so sensual.”  The wire form is in circles.  The structure is in non-collapsible circles.  While the string may collapse when not supported string and wire spherical structures exist, carry on.  People who care for horses are unique in that they are capable of treating this half ton creature like a cat or other animal.  The kids I counsel in Ranch camp just get it and if they don’t yet they’re in that “I’m really crazy and I’m going to let it shine” phase, which is just so real.  Horse people are so “truthy”.  I strive to find people like Horse people.  These creatures draw the attention and extreme care of millions of people.  Why?  Because we’ve romanticize horses.  We believe they could survive without us.  In fact they might be even stronger and greater without humans and yet they need us for companionship.  Horse people see horses as so real– horses don’t have any reason to put on a “mask” or be anything other than a horse.  Horse people are really those fed up with human bullshit. — No two horses are alike…like everything else.  I honor that uniqueness more than a mass produced one.

What would you do next?

My next step would be to create either a lot of other species of horses and string them on a line/string so that they would be presented as a herd.  Baby horses, race horses.  The differences in materials will do that: larger wire, different color yarn and string.  Instead of only horses would be goats with horns, cows, ducks, cats, pigs, and hogs.”

“IDEAs are in the air.  Originality is futile.”

“having time to play can lead to very serious things.”  @Kim Dingle


Can activate all dimensions

I would like to learn…




-print making


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  1. what I want for you:

    to learn:




    -print making

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