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The Problem:

  •  the assignment is about relationships.  use shapes (the negative space). It’s a brain thing.  How do I “see” that?
  • Organic shapes & circular shapes were more difficult, “more truthful” – – tube as more segmented.

Insights:  @Lathasia “Force time to leave- – this time makes me more able to/want to get the truth down.”

My approach v. My idea:

  • I went more abstract paying more attention to the minor folds and angles of the shapes.
  • I thought I would choose to draw the shapes that would create the Still Life but instead I gravitated towards the smaller & more intricate shapes to create the hinge.

My approach v. Other’s:

  • others used shading to create complexity.
  • @Bethany “Music with drawing. Working as time based.”
  • @Rose  “Seeing the light was more important than depicting the shapes, because the light creates the shapes.  I felt restricted by shapes.”
  • @Rose  “The shading.  the words, “communication between self & music & drawing.”
  • @Elise   a new technique:  imposed a grid with view finder & strings
  • @MONET           the haystack
  • @COMPOSITION  “minimalism”  “clean”  “largest object”  “the tubes & the cardboard shapes compliment each other.”
  • @SPACE    I understand it as an illusion.


  • creative expression you offer it responds give & take
  • me: using all 3 string-theory to get “close enough”.  “truth by multiple sources.” – nell ruby
  • “getting as close to what you see
  • It is from the frustrating points in the drawing that skills are gained.

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