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the angle

angle from the Right

the angle from the Left


Today I chatted with Wynetta about erase marks on the floor.  I promised I would try to be a better the first time so I wouldn’t make so many erase marks on the floor.


I stared for a good 5 minutes walking around the object/still life to see where actual objects are in relation to one another.

“the more specific you are the more general it will be.” [find quote]

double trouble

largest shape.  both possible angles of the largest side.  whichever one I choose…it will determine my destiny.

the circle and starred one is the one that seems closest to accurate.

less definition

I draw/extend the line and mark my place where I measured the line “should” end.  It makes it “feel” less definite.


The angles were off and I knew because I took a horizon plumb line and measured the triangle of negative space cardboard.

By geo-graphy, I've got it!

sighted contour

Next stop, finish station!


One Comment

  1. Your writing and language is as cryptic and carefully observed (and accurate) as your line work.

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