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As I come back to the easel today I am reminded of the shapes.

The shape is dead center.


During this 15 minutes I had a sort of “zen”, here & now moment:  I was focusing intensely on getting angles of the hinges that jab into the shape I am working on- frustrated with itty bitty-ness (such small details) but when I stepped back I realized I hadn’t been doing the assignment- I wasn’t drawing the shape.  When I realized this it took a lot of stress off my shoulders and I was able to focus on the here and now.



Thape (The Shape)  became defined not only by the  minor angles and unit measurements, but by sub shapes within the hinges/shape.



Nell:  You have a lot of good triangles to your left

Me: What

Nell: Well you’ve worked so hard to get that accurate…why not explore it fully?”

…I have no idea how I found this conversation relevant but I am going to include it because it is really “truthy”.

So I sketched it and I was successful in defining the surrounding shapes.

Reality v. Perception

I followed with unit measurements to get the angles of the triangle but when I compared it to a nearby (the same) line on the cardboard it didn’t match.  This line of reality was mixed up by my perception.


Continuation of other lines by angles I formed the triangle.  The space is created by the tube– it was either part of the triangle or not.  In the end it was excluded in favor of the shape of negative space above.



“I believe you.  I believe that shape,” Nell totally believing me.

Almost like making a map.  My homework is this:  spend 3-5 hours developing the lower half;  adding no more detail than what is “the hinge” shape.


Before we left I wanted to map out the shapes on the bottom that i planned on fleshing out later.


My own process:  The angle on the line for my original shadow is off (obtuse.)

Here I got the angle closer to accurate which made drawing the bottom half easier.

Homeward Bound


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  1. Once again I believe you.

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