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2. 13. 2011

the Still Life


-position matters.  If I move one inch in any direction each and every shape will change drastically.  I chose a shadow in the middle of my focus on the Still Life.  This was difficult because I had to go back repeatedly and change the angle, shape, and size of the shadow because it did not fit in with the surrounding shapes.  After the shadow I attacked the large shape above it.  This was by far the most rewarding shape because I got it wrong so many times.


I took a break and came back to check the shadow and larger above shape with the string theory.  Today was really a day of trial and error with the string theory which confused me until I found the secret of locked elbows.


To ease my concerns about the string, Nell Ruby suggested I use a piece of paper as a ruler.  I chose my unit measure at this point.  The mess is evidence that not everything (including shapes between objects) is as it seems.


Nell Ruby “I totally believe you.”  When class ended I was finally getting the hang of unit measurements.

Misc. Quotes overheard during class

– “height as unit measurement”

– “tell the truth with shapes”

-“the form dissolves”

-“if it does not exist do not draw it.  Let the line not be continuous.”

-“do not have to fill page.”

-“things do not exist alone-they are all connected. speakin’ the truth.”

-“This drawing is about shapes.”

Overview of String Theory

1.unit measurement


3.plumb lines



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