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After completing the Blind Contours out of class we brought that same critical eye to observe the Still Life that Nell had set out for our observation Still Lifes.



As we went around in our critique discussion I chose one of my classmate’s technique that I like/caught my eye/resonated with me.  I chose Lathasia’s.  I did not see dots in the still life as a whole.  In fact, there are no dots it was just he way Lathasia saw the curve of the tube most clearly.  I had trouble getting the curve of the tube.  Using the dots would make the curve easier to see and make any changes to the angle of the curve.

This observation of mine was followed with Lathasia’s, the artist’s, explanation that the dots were not necessarily to demarcate the curve of the tube as much as the dots were useful when she was differentiating between background and foreground.

Our Discussion included, but was not limited to:

  • Scale: dictate control of artists’ scope
  • Medium
  • Rewarded for Risk

My Approach v. Others





Intricate. Many small shapes in order to make the Larger picture. Larger Scope.

Democratic Line. The shapes are defined and so are the objects. Recognizable.

Includes all Still Life and entire room. Fills the page. Exploration.

Large Scope. Shapes and Space.


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