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The perfect light:  The more un-even-ness of the lighting on our faces will make it easier to erase ourselves.


I made the lightest-light on my nose 4x larger than everyone else in the class did.  I am debating whether or not to keep it the way it is or if I want to make it smaller in order to go further on my face…in terms of erasing.  I am more than a nose.

Nothin' but a nose.

I had erased what I had done above because I thought it was too unmanagable.  But Nell said that it IS possible (by adding pages…I think it’s a conspiracy to make people with big eyes pay more…only joking) so I am going with my original big-eyed shapes.  Unfortunatley, the shape is a-changing so I need to stare a little more in order to figure out what shape I actually see.

circular jerkular

Second 5 minute break.  Still unsure of the shape and shade of the lightest-light.  Just found that the perfect circle that I’d been trying to create is actual a trapezoid/sphere ish rectangle- – – which is comforting.

challenging:  Getting the shape correct.  What is difficult for me is being ok with imperfection.  This is strange because I am not a perfectionist in real life.  How I plan to combat this obsession with depicting the exact right-right is to change my mindset from this obsessive self to a more accepting non-static self.  Shouldn’t be too difficult…


From here I will observe more parts and shapes of my face.  I’m being a pouty-baby- – – everything will be ok. everything will be fine.  everything will be alright.


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  1. change my mindset from this obsessive self to a more accepting non-static self

    take it out in the wide open field, babeee! NO LIMIT!!! Wahooooo

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