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Honourous Collapsicus

The honourous genus is the purest of tyni creatures: transparent in their motives, desires, and structure.  Unique to this honourous is her collapsible spine and other bones which allow her to play dead in order to avoid takers.

POWER:  being transparent to those who cannot fill in the form.

Faistus Scurriek

Faistus creatures are those with long, triangle spikes which have been known to absorb any and all materials, smells and liquids in their environments.  Scurrieks have less materials, smells and liquids and the like because of their need for speed which they have because of their long legs and power snout.

POWER:  scurrying…and making deliveries without using words.


Resembles pigs in the world.  Has a unique affinity to stopping young ruffians and running red lights.

POWER:  Milking the power structure.


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