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  1. Collect materials for the community (free stuff! Interesting forms, textures, shapes, etc.)
  2. RESEARCH your animal! Consider two or three real animals and their attributes—what do you want to emphasize? What do you want to put together? What essential form (consider the word/image project) will enhance the characteristics that want to emphasize? (what sort of line/shape/texture/form color is “fast” for example?)

For this project we will be creating a fantastical animal from found objects on a small scale.  Each animal we choose must work with the others in order to form a cohesive, unified animal.


Spirit Guides by Takatoka

Equine Art by Lynda Sappington

Possible animals:  zebra (horse), duck, bear, owl, butterfly or moose.

Zebra (Horse)

  • The strong legs and back of the horse remind us to remain solidly grounded in our spiritual walk our earthly experiences and to carry the burdens of life with dignity;  soft/round shapes; thick shapes.
  • Zebra print; high contrast, texture



  • antlers; asymmetrical but balanced with amount of material, texture with color and short etchings
  • The moose’s huge antlers protect it during battle and represents the tree of knowledge;  slow, curve lines, tree-like


  • Grandmother Owls can rotate their heads three- quarters of the way around rather quickly giving the illusion of a complete turn;
  • Wings; texture, low contrast/more blended colors
  • Facial feathers; surface texture is soft, color will be high contrast


  • The stars above in infinite meadows of heaven show us the Great Bear in the Sky, Ursa Major, as a sign of the greatness and infinity of bear wisdom;  include constallations

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