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Post-mortem.  Another word for disambiguation which is what I will attempt to do as I reflect on my process with The Chair.

The format for critique is a  narrow focus on individual works then the discussion gives way to  more generalized remarks on technique, objectives and observations about the class as a whole.

Each student put her work on the display/critique board in the senior studio space in order of her place in the circle so that, from left to right, the chair was seen from every angle around the circle.  To kick off our discussion we discussed what part or aspect of other peoples’ works caught our attention.

Something that caught my attention was the difference in “mess” or extraneous lines diminished.  I expected my eye to be more drawn to the cleaner and more precise pieces- – however, I found myself staring/being drawn to/gawking at the pieces that had run-on lines (like run-on sentences) and obvious thinking.

“It takes discipline to observe”

“Style: add it as flavor.  be flexible as an artist.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN? (use art language…)


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