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These six 6×6 play cards are the result of choosing the 2 or 3 thumbnails that best represented the antonyms visually and using whatever materials I could find that could create that same effect and still follow the black and white plus greys in between rule.

I was picking my sister up from the airport during class time today so my feedback was from a few kind souls who stayed back.  For brevity purposes I will place a thumbnail view of the piece that appealed most to the critics and their critique.











The lines on the Left play with the various shades of grey which is different but the lines seem too be restricted-too uniform.  One person commented that the reason this piece is successful is that the ink blot is so unique in that it covers a large area but also keeps illusion of space in order to keep it playful and ‘boisterous’.  She had doubts that I could replicate that same ink blot.


This one, it was agreed, conveyed ‘restrained”s confining and high-energy connotation because the the lines with the movement are kept from continuing on into eternity by the fat, democratic, juicy sharpied lines.  By flipping the piece 90 degrees each way, this negative balance represents the negative connotation that often comes with ‘restrained’.


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