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The Antonym Project involves taking a set of antonyms and taking their verbal definitions and representing both the essence of the individual words and the relationship between them visually using the elements and principles of design.

My set of antonyms:  ‘boisterous’ and ‘restrained’.

After being schooled in the elements and principles of design I brainstormed what words, concepts, techniques etc. I associated with both words.


Restrained & Boisterous

The second day of brainstorming I translated the verbal brainstorming onto thumbnail practice squares.  The purpose of the thumbnails is to explore every possible option by isolating with any element or principle of design to evoke whatever it is the antonyms suggest.  After creating 50 “what if…” thumbnails for each word I will have, hopefully, have some idea of what will work for the 6 play/pseudo-final pieces to be discussed next Wednesday…after spring break.



8:33 - 9:25 pm



? - ? (I didn't know what time it was. I was on spring break time.)

8:40- 8:58












6:16-8:43 with chat and snack breaks

4:00-5:00 with snack break











I got feedback from my table-mates and Nell Ruby.  The consensus was that the sketches that defied the rules (went outside the lines or were colored) represented ‘Boisterous’ most because of the contrast of linear and organic lines as well as breaking pattern; the sketches that best represented ‘Restrained’ were those that had an unbalance of lines but that those lines were parallel and contained the lines inside – which illustrated the restraint of the lines.


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