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Part I

‘Imagine you’re insane.  Invent a series of insane actions and construct something that an insane person would construct.’


Blurry but bearable.

b.  Personal meaning:  Insanity is a disconnect from reality.   The phone constantly ringing off the hook represents how an insane person interprets the outside world: cumbersome.  The constant stream of information people are bombarded with daily is enough to drive anyone to insanity.  Yet, it is the people who disconnect themselves from what is acceptable that are outcast and deemed ‘insane’.  When I choose to play my banjo instead of reading email, watching the Grammys or finishing that last minute assignment I am making a conscious decision.  True insanity does not have the option of detaching.  During the critique it was suggested that my project could fit under another prompt: ‘Invent a character to go where you wouldn’t.’  In a way I wish that I was insane: completely detached from all responsibility and expectation.  It is also my biggest fear: I would be at the mercy of my mind and losing that control is scary!

c. title:  ‘Unplug Unplugged’

Part II

‘Make a garden.  No flowers.’

Artist: Lathasia Collins:

Lathasia’s presentation was filled with meaning and emotion.  She used her entire body to express her ‘conquering’ the inner-workings of her mind.

Lathasia deliberately used every part of her body in her presentation. Her presentation was both visual and physical.  Aside from the composition, I was drawn to her explanation of her process: the obstacles she faces, the tools God has given her to overcome these, and the spirituality to improvisation.

“That’s why I’m out of breath: I said all I had to say.” – Lathasia

“A lot of what you don’t plan is what you become.” -on improving the last part

Part III

Invent a character without giving them a history, only relationships.

AS A SIDE NOTE:  Nell Ruby and Rose Lewter are twins.

They even nod at the same time.


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  1. Haha! I love the photo of the twins!

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