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@kristin bell   Sherlock Holmes used the violin to work through ideas.

I will use the banjo to work through problems.  To add another level I will show the inner-workings of the women in my head who are working through  my ideas.

The idea:

Using telephone to represent how ideas come from different parts of the brain (left, right, and hippo campus)

Whenever Sherlock Holmes was on the brink of solving a mystery but was stuck- – he would play his violin in order to work out what is going on in his head.  He was entirely in his head.  Insanity is often characterized by “obsessive behavior” and acting only in “one’s own mind.”

The presentation:

The banjo…not sure exactly how to fit in with the plugs.  It represents how a particular thought process can be entirely in someone’s mind so that someone looking at the person playing the banjo would not think that they were necessarily working out any issues.  Meaning:  the banjo is only a distraction from what is actually occurring in the mind.

The phones will have a cord that will connect to my brain (the wires will be glued onto hair clips onto my head).  The phones will be wo-manned by three people who represent the different areas of the brain.  When I hook the cord/wire to my head the person wo-manning the phone will “come alive” or otherwise start moving.

This project will be Live Art.  Here is an example of a live still-life exhibited at the Modern Museum of Art.  Kristin Bell introduced me to this particular artist.


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