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With fresh eyes I return to the easel and test my proportions, angles and plumb lines.  There was at least one discrepancy for each:

should be (s.b.)  is (is)


  • seat: farthest horizontal:    (s.b) 1: 5/2      (is)    1: 15/16
  • seat: right vertical:               (s.b) 1: 2/3      (is)     1: 3/4


  • right bottom angle is slightly obtuse


  • upper left corner and lower right corner should be on the same plane, but they are not.

After comparing what is on my page to the actual measurements I have concluded that I have a lot of work to do during class today.

My goal today is to double-check with string-theory before I either make, change or erase any line.


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  1. I am so proud of you.

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