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I am using charcoal and the string-theory technique to draw a more realistic/proportional representation of a chair.

Professor Ruby showed us the correct way to hold and move the charcoal (with three fingers and move with large shoulder movements) which was an easy transition for me.  I also like how messy it is; by the end of class I had charcoal smudges all over my hands and face- success.

The string-theory is using a string to achieve 3 things

1. plumb lines

2. ratios/ proportions

3. angles



After drawing the plumb-lines of the paper that sectioned off the paper into quadrants I used my string to identify where the mid-points of the height and width of my subject.
At this stage, I focused on the seat of the chair.  My first marks were either obtuse in relation to the adjacent line or were too long or…just not even close to what I was seeing.


After many failed lines and a one-over by Nell Ruby for angle miscalculations I was able to get the proportions of the seat to my liking.  Unfortunately, the seat was at least two inches above where it needed to be.


So, I moved the seat down to below the mid-line of my paper.  In the midst of re-drawing the seat I doubted my decision, “Man, this is really messy and ugly.  I definitely should have left it how it was.”


And the frustration continues.

What frustrated me about this stage in particular was that, although this is a process, there is a part of me that wants what I create to be “right”- – not “perfect”, but at least passable.  I never thought of myself as being a perfectionist or anything near it so this part of  Day One was especially self-reflective/growth-ive (?)


By using the left side/line of the chair as a base measurement (as One) I laid out a general skeleton of the legs and chairs.  I used the string-theory to help with proportions after I caught myself changing lines on a whim because they didn’t “look right.”

Using the plumb-line technique I was able to place the feet/legs of the chair.

The string-theory makes my arm hurt;  I like that it burns because it reminds me that I’m doing it right.


After letter e. I was going to give up for the day;  it didn’t seem like there was anything else I could do.  But within the last few minutes of class I got my second wind.  I made a once over on the proportions of the seat and other parts in comparison and lightened any extraneous lines.


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